the victory...

I am a retired Minneapolis public school administrator now living in Wisconsin. I attended your presentation - Gold In Your Soul and it was fantastic. I was fortunate to grab the last seat in the auditorium and figured that the 50 students who came in after me and had to stand would quickly leave; wow was I wrong. You were funny, engaging and your interaction with the audience was mesmerizing. More importantly, the topics you covered are a 'must know' for every young adult. I am going to call my colleagues back in the cities and have them contact you immediately.
     — Kris A.
         Haugen, WI
Our sales group was 'forced' to attend your seminar. Sitting in the back row, with 1,500 others in front of me, I was preparing for a good nap but did not get one! I laughed, cried and stood up to cheer all with the first 30 minutes. The crazy coach I saw on TV is even better in real life. Thanks.
     — I. J.
I have been to three 7 Habits courses in the past ten years with different companies. Yours was simply the best. You spoke to me in a way that has changed my life. God Bless.
     — A. K.
         Pepsi Cola
Mr. Swan
Thank you for coming to our college. Your seminar really made me think about my future and how I can work on some of my not-so-golden qualities. I hate to say it - but your talk was more valuable then all my courses in my first two years in college.
     — Amber S.
         St. Paul, MN
I have worked with numerous coaches and leaders during my playing career and as a successful financial advisor. You are, without a doubt, the best motivational speaker I have ever experienced. I recommend you to any person who truly wants to achieve a higher level of performance. You have helped me achieve success I never dreamed possible and I am forever grateful.
     — C.N.
         Bergen, Norway
My company was on the verge of shutting down. We were working long hours with great effort, but not reaching our customers. I attended Mission Possible along with three colleagues. We quickly understood one of our major problems - we had no focus; we were all just scrambling to find individual solutions within our company and not headed in a unified direction. Our Mission Statement was really just a bunch of elegant words (that none of us could recite correctly) on a poster in our reception area. You were not all fluff and rah-rah; you were practical, honest and to the point. I highly recommend your seminars to anyone who really wants to change their organization.
     — J. U.
         Stockholm, Sweden
Seven years ago you held a two-day seminar for the bank where I was a V.P. I still have the ‘team excellence’ ball of clay we made sitting on my desk and think of you often. I heard you would be speaking at our sales conference and had to attend and am so glad I did. You have actually gotten better with age, and I thought that would be impossible. I am proud to say that I am a member of the Champion's Circle.
     — R.D.
I just wanted to let you know what a great presentation you gave. I have been to almost 100 seminars at our college over the past dozen years and I believe this is the first one that was standing room only. Your talk got everyone involved and was a subject that the students should be greatly concerned with. Thanks so much for the wonderful hour.
         Scott, University of Wisconsin Colleges
You recently spoke at our regional marketing seminar and I wanted to send you a note. A friend of mine had attended 22 seconds last year and begged me to come hear you this fall. I have never attended any sort of leadership session where there was so much group interaction and hands-on learning. You did not just speak to us, you inspired us all.
     — Lars
You have impacted my life greatly. I am a better teacher, parent and wife because of your session. I came to your seminar to hopefully find a way to motivate my students. I left with so much more.
     — Kristen
         Atlanta, GA
I have never, ever cried in public before - especially around 30 people I did not know. Your ‘birthday party’ exercise was the most emotional thing I have done in my life. It caused me to evaluate exactly what our youth association’s purpose was and forced us all to see that we are not chasing after the really BIG goals, but our own personal agendas.
     — Amy
         Woodbury, MN
I can not say thank you enough. You have inspired my entire company to reach for the stars. We now know we belong in the Champion's Circle and believe we will stay there for life.
     — Doug
         Dallas, TX
These were the best two days of my professional career.
     — Adam
         Nashville, TN