the vision...

Gitomer certified advisor

In todays age of technology; where we have access to virtually the same information, facts and ‘templates for success’ one would think that the road to the Champion's Circle would be getting easier.  It is not.  

We all have Dreams.  We all have a fire that burns within us - things we are deeply passionate about.  But, why do some companies, some organizations, some teams, some families achieve their dreams and harness powerful, passionate energy while others continually struggle?

Whether you are a multi-national company, a church group, a youth hockey association, a professional sports team, a chamber of commerce, an educational institution or a small business - you share the same struggles, frustrations and obstacles - but also the same common desire to achieve greatness.

Thirteen years ago I founded the Champion's Circle, and after hundreds of leadership sessions with groups from all over the world I am completely convinced of the following:

Every single person and organization has dreams.
Very few share those dreams - with anyone.
Defining your Vision is critical.
Communicating your Vision is essential.
All people want to be a part of something special, something that has deep meaning.
Empowering everyone in your organization is imperative.
Victory does not come simply, but is achievable for all.
The road from Vision to Victory is a priceless journey.

Each of my seminars touches on these foundational facts. I look forward to joining you on your journey to the Champion's Circle.

David Swan